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Nehmat Gereige
User Experience Designer

About Me

In a nutshell

I am an advocate for human beings in a world of business and technologies.

My top skill

Excellent communications skills that allow me to convince stakeholders that a user-centered approach is the best guarantee to a successful product.

How I got here?

Before officially becoming a UX Designer, I invested a large portion of my life in self-exploration through theater, mediation and yoga. My inner journey and extensive travels around the world gave me a wide exposure to life and people from different backgrounds and cultures. I deeply understand human beings; Therefore, I can intuitively create what they need.


  • Ability to wear multiple hats, product owner, developer, business analyst.
  • Knack to see the big picture, I don't allow my ego to stand in the way of getting work done.
  • Skill to transform complex business ideas into simple intuitive designs.
  • Passion to explore cutting edge tools that allow seamless integration for developers.

Design tools

My favorite applications are Sketch and Invision, the combination allows for professional interactive designs and dynamic team collaboration. I also work with Balsamic Mockups, Just in Mind, Adobe photoshop, XD, Illustrator, etc

UX Process


I research comparative markets and competitors, interview stakeholders and users to understand business goals and user-needs.

Personas and Scenarios

When the budget allows, defining the target audience with personas and scenarios is essential to determine key features and design flow.

Information Architecture

Choosing the most suitable site-structure, navigation and nomenclature. The user must always know where he is and where he can go.


Whether it's low-fidelity paper or high-fidelity interactive prototypes created with sketch or Balsamic, wireframes are the best way to materialize the client vision and our solution.

Visual Design

I love bringing the magic of colors and fonts to the UI while respecting platform specifications. This is the last layer of design that creates desirability and emotion for the user.

Interactive Prototypes

For testing with users and illustrating our vision to stakeholders, interactive prototypes are a wonderful tool. They simulate the behaviour of the end product.

User testing

Testing is the best way to validate conclusions and ensure that the design provides a real solution to the user's goals. We conduct user-testing as often as possible throughout the product's lifecycle.


Unfortunately, the samples below do not represent my recent work. My best work is owned by clients and therefore cannot be publically shared. I could privately show you samples of my projects without violating any NDAs :) .

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